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Ever have one of those days where you shop entirely too much? I have those just after I receive my paycheck, and buy some linden. I end up with a shopping spree, going by every event out there and just bringing in all the goodies~. You can only imagine just how crazy it made me to come up with an outfit when I had so much stuff in my inventory, shaking me to use them! But these items fit very well together, and just the materials on everything made me so incredibly happy~. I hope you'll all find some nice things at these events! 
Shop 'till you drop~!

Skin: Tableau Vivant \\ Fabian applier [for Catwa Daniel] @TV
Eyes: AG. Celestial Eyes @AVIGLAM
Hair: #Foxy - Lovesick Hair (Blondes) @SHINYSHABBY(March)
Mask: #Foxy - Surgical Mask @SHINYSHABBY(March)
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\   -   Vitage OWL @CROSSROADS(March)

Pants: ED. Quazar Pant Black @ED
Jacket: YOSHIMOTO // Rainy Coat White @TMD(March)
Headphones: .Shi Gift : Gears studded handphone case @SHI
Shoes: BOYS TO THE BONE graboid sandals @KUSTOM9(March)
Tattoo: Nanika - Nadine Tattoo @TLC(March)
Hat: GUTCHI - CyberSwag Cap Premium @COSMOPOLITAN(March)

Sign: ninety - neon sign [ 1 ] " pink " @Kustom9(March)
Backdrop: ninety - Subway Train Party backdrop " Neon " resize @Kustom9(March)
Tablet: PILOT - Tablet and Glasses @C88(March)

Note: The first image has been photoshopped.

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