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A big thanks to my muses for this shoot- which I'm so proud of. Jack for his amazing Tarot card pictures, as well as the one he did of me that I am still utterly in love with. Though having seen plenty of pictures coming by on Pinterest, of the Dragon Age Tarot cards, and the fan arts of those? I've been /itching/ to try it out myself, but had no idea where to even start with getting it done. That's when I was lucky enough to get my picture done by Jack, who I could sneakily take notes from on how he did it! (And I hope he doesn't mind!)Because it resulted in a picture I think I am the most proud of currently! Then my second inspiration being Aii, and bringing out this skull that just.. Made everything click in my head, it inspired me to go for it!


Necklace: MG - Necklace - Raven Skull Pendant @MG
Skull: + The Watcher + {aii} @SANARAE
Eyes: + The Watcher Eyes + {aii} @SANARAE
Tongue: [CX] Bloody Tongue @CX

Jacket: ::GB::Long Hodie & coat ( Poket in type) @GB

Falling Feathers: {anc} feather chips {whitedye black} @ANC
Mist: {anc} mist cloud [sungold]  @ANC
Feathers: C L A Vv. Feather Tribal Ear Cuff @CLAVV
Halo: + Thorned Halo + Onyx @AII
Rose crown: Violent Seduction - Maria Halo @VS

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